Is it Omelet Time?

October 27, 2017 by Steve Meizlish Leave a Comment

This isn’t a restaurant review nor is this a cooking tip.  Rather it’s a very short, yet powerful management warning for anyone owning and running service firm.


The saying goes — “If you want to make an omelet you have to crack a few eggs.” 

Coaching without accountability is vapid and worthless. I see examples of this all the time. As you may have imagined, starting a coaching/consulting firm is almost without barriers. Frankly it’s way too easy and way too dangerous to the entrepreneurial community.

So here’s some free, yet extremely worthwhile advice: If you’re management team, board, and/or executive coach hasn’t or won’t give it to you straight, and isn’t consistently challenging you as to breakthroughs in the future —  and you sense that they are fearful of upsetting the status quo — they aren’t helping you. Unfortunately they’re enabling “what is,”  and not taking you to a better place.

And sometimes cracking the egg is even more difficult when everything  is seemingly “good.” Of course most think it’s “good”  especially when there’s consistent yet flat growth.

However, often there’s disruption afoot by way of technology, innovation, pricing or competition.

  • Just ask those of us that were part of the travel industry two decades ago. And what about retail? Seen what Amazon’s doing lately?

  • What about transportation — Uber or Lyft anyone? Driverless cars and trucks

  • Electric vs. Fossil Fuel?

  • So what’s the future for seemingly safe industries like Insurance (InsureTech), Investment (FinTech), Accounting (Quicken/QuickBooks), or even the Law?

  • Ever wonder what role Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics will play in your service firm?

Well here’s a truism: Sure the egg is good, in-and-of-itself, right now. Agreed. But its of little use as a source of food, energy and enjoyment unless it’s cracked properly and made into a delicious omelet.

Successful executive coaching is about strategic know-how and the willingness to create short-term disruption to get to a better place.

That’s why MeizCorp’s corporate motto is “Do what you do best. Better.”  Many times, however, it takes some “cracking” before you can enjoy the fruits of your labor and fulfill your true goals and destiny.

Steve Meizlish