Learning to say, “NO” !

October 22, 2017 by Steve Meizlish Leave a Comment


Who in the world would pay someone to teach them how to say NO to client prospects?

Hopefully the answer is YOU!


You see, at MeizCorp we believe that your #1 mission is to manage resources: time, energy and money.

And contrary to most, we believe that it’s “energy” that’s the most sacred commodity of all.

Sure, people correctly say that people have a finite amount of time on this earth. Got it. That’s just simply math and restating the obvious.

But when you look deeper at the business development — growth cycle — you discover that the primary reason business owners and leaders shy away from proactively going after new opportunities is the “energy suck.” It’s the gift that keeps on giving.


Time is fleeting. It comes and goes. Energy on the other hand, is the emotional piece that never seems to stop. It’s the negative voice in your head. It’s what keeps us from being present. It’s what evokes our pain body (we all have one). It  awakens our ego (we all have one of these, also).

So what’s the answer. First, learn what’s  your best model. Qualify the heck out of your prospects and learn to to say “NO” more often. It’s totally counterintuitive but will  yield you more profits and more peace of mind, time-and-time again.

Just be bold enough to ask – how?

Steve Meizlish